Our Church
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the idea of the murals and the United Methodist Women

Mount Tabor United Methodist Church
Established nearly 120 years ago.

    The idea of the murals began on the evening of November 6, 2005 when it was agreed that our church ban together to honor God by creating an outreach ministry. Our dream included inviting the motoring public to visit our church daily for the purpose of viewing a breath-taking production that would tell others the good news. Those who have made this mission endeavor possible pray that it will be a place where Christ is exalted, God's Word proclaimed, and where people can find direction and strength for their lives. We pray that all who come here will be blessed beyond measure by God's goodness.

Of course we welcome anyone that would like
to attend our regular worship service.
Worship Service ... 9:30 am Sunday
Bible Study...........10:45 am Sunday